Owlett-black-above-gold-embroidered-vegan-flat-animal-head-slippers BS-285
Bunny-above-black-gold-embroidered-vegan-flat-animal-head-slippers Bunny-black-gold-embroidered-vegan-flat-animal-head-slippers
Nelly-above-black-vegan-slipper Nelly-Shoes
Bear-Black-1-NEW Bear-Black-3
Teddy-Black-3 Teddy-Black-2
Winnie-Cream-1 BS-176

Animal Collection

I drew the embroidery of the Beyond Skin Animal Collection. They've been one of the best sellers for years and our customers keep asking us to draw and print their favourite animals. It's very satisfying to see that many people share pictures of themselves on Instagram, wearing our cute slippers.